Centre Alliance bill will let people block unwanted political texts and charity calls
13 February 2019
Centre Alliance Senator Stirling Griff will today introduce a bill to give people more control over nuisance calls and texts – such as Clive Palmer’s...
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Labor can "kill bill" and do the right thing for permanent migrants
2 December 2018
Centre Alliance Senator Stirling Griff calls on Labor to oppose the Social Services and Other Legislation (Promoting Sustainable Welfare) Bill 2018 when the Senate votes...
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Government should pay superannuation guarantee to unpaid carers
12 November 2018
The Senate has just agreed to my motion asking the government to consider paying the superannuation guarantee to unpaid carers on benefits.
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Law enforcement should not have access to My Health Record system - even under warrant
9 November 2018
Centre Alliance will move an amendment to the My Health Record (Strengthening Privacy) Bill 2018 to prevent law enforcement agencies and government departments from accessing...
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Medibank's in-home care investment welcome for SA
29 August 2018
Centre Alliance Senator Stirling Griff has welcomed today’s announcement that Medibank will base its national home healthcare operations in Adelaide, which will create future jobs...
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Government finally serious on revenge porn penalties
15 August 2018
Centre Alliance is pleased to see the Government has adopted its suggested strengthening of revenge porn laws, imposing heavier sentences for aggravated offences.
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Centre Alliance secures funding for genomic cancer treatment in South Australia
18 July 2018
South Australians with rare and difficult cancers will be able to access personalised cancer therapy on home soil as a result of strong advocacy by...
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IVF clinics should disclose their live birth rates
28 June 2018
The Senate today backed Centre Alliance Senator Stirling Griff's motion calling for IVF clinics to reveal their procedure success rates, so consumers can better understand...
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