Centre Alliance says "bring it on!"

11 April 2019

Centre Alliance is happy the election date has finally been set after months of speculation, and is excited to have preselected three outstanding candidates in Skye Kakoschke-Moore, Andrea Broadfoot and Kelly Gladigau. 

The campaign coverage will inevitably be dominated by the major parties but each electorate should consider where their vote will have most influence.

Our track record in Mayo and the Senate shows that a vote for Centre Alliance will have more local impact than a vote for the major parties because everything we do puts South Australia first.

Member for Mayo Rebekha Sharkie hosted 21 Community Forums across the electorate in March and has a clear view of the priorities in her region.

“Without exception the two top issues in each area were improving access to local health services and standing up for the environment. I will be advocating for my community on these issues and others that matter to us, including a dental voucher for age pensioners, upgrades to local TAFE facilities and improved roads and telecommunications.”

Centre Alliance has two senators in the upper house - Stirling Griff and Rex Patrick - and, should Skye Kakoschke-Moore be re-elected, it gives Centre Alliance's significant influence to act on SA's behalf in what is predicted to be a tight Senate. 

Skye says: "Centre Alliance is the only party in the Senate that South Australian voters can rely on to always put the interests of our state first.

"We can use our role in the Senate to be fearless and strong advocates for what South Australians need and care about. Other parties are not able to say that. So when it comes to issues like protecting the Murray and the Great Australian Bight, we will never be compromised by interstate party members whose interests may go against South Australia’s."

Andrea Broadfoot, candidate for Grey, nominated a number of key issues she will work for in her electorate, including protecting the Bight from risky oil and gas exploration and drilling, and advocating for renewable, reliable and affordable energy.

"We’re looking to address regional doctor shortages to ensure that we have skilled medical professionals available to people in our regions. We also need to unlock more than $15 billion worth of projects in the electorate and to support industry to have the suitably skilled workforce they require," Andrea says.

Kelly Gladigau, candidate for Barker, will push for better health services in her electorate and will continue the fight to protect the River Murray, including implementing the recommendations from South Australia’s Royal Commission.

"Barker should have a representative that will hold the government accountable, which is what the Centre Alliance team will do. We must address the funding and infrastructure shortages that have plagued the electorate for years, particularly around healthcare and transport and roads. More investment in mental health services, including for drug and alcohol addiction, is a top priority for me, along with addressing the cost of living," Kelly says.

South Australians hungry for a democracy sausage can lock in polling day on 18 May or, if they have a reason to vote early, they can lodge a pre-poll vote from 29 April.  

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