Digital Platforms response good(ish) but could be stronger

12 December 2019

Centre Alliance Senator Stirling Griff has welcomed the Government’s response to the ACCC’s Digital Platforms inquiry - an inquiry he initiated - but said the Government is not pushing as strongly as it can on all the recommendations.

Senator Griff was pleased that a new unit within the ACCC will be tasked with monitoring competition and consumer protection in digital platform markets, and take enforcement action as necessary.

"I'm happy the inquiry I pushed for has caused the Government to seriously consider the market and social impacts of the internet giants, but I think it has dropped the ball on some of the suggested reforms," Senator Griff said.

“The Government has opted for a voluntary code of conduct in the first instance rather than the mandatory and enforceable code advocated by the ACCC. This is a pretty weak. A voluntary code is unlikely to achieve the best outcomes or level the playing field when we’ve accepted that market power is distorted in favour of Google and Facebook,” Senator Griff said.

Senator Griff said it was also unclear why the Government refused to address the recommendation to adjust tax settings to encourage philanthropic support for journalism - aside from it just didn't want to.

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