My Portfolios

What matters to me the most.

Portfolios have been distributed to manage legislative workload. The portfolios managed by my team are:

Consumer Affairs

Consumers should have confidence that the products and services they purchase are fit-for-purpose and in line with expectations.  In situations where expectations are no met, consumers should have the right to have their complaint heard and followed up as necessary. 

Upcoming portfolio legislation: 

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Amendment Bill 2018

National Consumer Credit Protection Amendment (Mandatory Comprehensive Credit Reporting) Bill 2018

Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (Competition and Consumer) Bill 2017

Treasury Laws Amendment (Australian Consumer Law Review) Bill 2018


With the world's highest per capita gambling losses and level of problem gambling, targeted gambling reform is urgently required. 

Mental Health

Mental health is a significant issue affecting millions of Australians.  A greater focus needs to be placed on early intervention and preventative measures.

On 19 March 2018, the Senate referred the matter below to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee for inquiry and report:

Accessibility and quality of mental health services in rural and remote Australia



Tourism is growing three times faster than the Australian economy, and every tourist dollar generates 87 cents in other parts of the economy. 

South Australia must continue to strive to meet its tourism targets, and ensure that it increases its share of national visitors.  We must also refocus tourism and the arts to contribute to the vibrancy of regional Australia.

Cyber Security

With more and more young people using the internet to connect with peers, robust legislation is required to protect children from online predators.  The privacy of citizens must be protected by government departments who maintain personal data.